Welcome to the home page for the Upland Area Greenways Association, Upland, Indiana.  This site was just launched on September 3, so please bear with us for a few days until we get this site filled with content.

Please take a moment to watch this video produced by Taylor University Film and Media Production:  https://vimeo.com/114703049

Recent News

Coming soon:  Detamore Trailhead

Future Detamore Trailhead
The Detamore house on the east side of Main Street immediately south of the railroad bridge is now officially part of the Upland Greenways

The Detamore house and property are officially part of the UAGA. The property will provide safe parking and a hub for connecting the downtown area and the rest of the Upland community with the trails that makes up the proposed Upland Area Greenways system.

Bicycle Tune-up

(Courtesy of Hope Bolinger, Life and Times co-editor for the Taylor University Echo, V 105 no. 2, September 14, 2017)

Student with her bicycle
Taylor Student Alyssa Roat enjoys her mended bicycle from the UAGA tune-up (PC: Halie Owens, the Taylor University Echo)

As part of the Upland sesquicentennial activities on Labor Day Weekend, the UAGA offered a free bicycle tune-up to anyone needing minor repairs.  Taylor student Alyssa Roat was very pleased with the mending performed on her bicycle.


The Upland Area Greenways Association is committed to improving the quality of life in the Upland area through the creation and improvement of multi-use trail systems. We currently have many projects in motion including the Detamore trailhead,  a paved trail on 8th street, a wood chip trail to the Taylor cross-country course, a circle trail around the lake near the Lions Club, and other  one to three mile walking routes around town. People have donated hours of time to get these projects started. We invite you to join our efforts to make the Upland area an even better place to live!

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Upland Area Greenways Association
PO Box 419, Upland, Indiana  46989

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Upland Greenways member in gorilla suit
Upland Area Greenways are for everyone! (PC: Carolyn Guebert)