• What is Happening on 8th Street?

    Trail under construction at Eighth and Reade

    The first portion of a trail along Eighth Street will soon provide an off-road alternative for bicyclists, in-line skaters, and pedestrians on the west edge of the Taylor University campus

    You might have noticed a new, concrete greenway being constructed along the west side of Eighth Street on Taylor property.¬† The trail extends from the Boyd Buildings and Grounds facilities north toward Reade Avenue. It is a regulation width trail that is being by those with bicycles, inline skates, and other forms of recreation–as well as those running or trekking on foot.

    Eventually, the trail may enable users to access the greater greenway system. For the near future, it provides access to the Taylor campus without having to navigate the narrow roadway. Much of the labor for building the trail has been provided by volunteers. Taylor University paid for the materials that make up the trail.

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